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ONE Sotheby's Blows Up The Scoop Video...Across South Florida USA & Sotheby's Globally

October 21, 2020

Delray Beach Scoop By Patrick & Duke (One Sotheby's Trailer)

October 21, 2020

Delray IS The #1 Choice For HNW Savvy Buyers...

October 21, 2020

As a Marketing guru, CEO and The CEO Futurist, I was always asked about my "Top 5" on-stage, by the press and my c-level friends/clients. So now I am pleased to do the same at Sotheby's in ultra-luxury real estate. Here is the first of my Top 5 Gem Areas in South Florida!                                     

My #1 Gem Area: The East Delray, ZIp Code 33483, from Seagate to Gulf Stream, east of the Intracoastal. This is the #1 area on demand and purchase price. Higher Net Worth buyers from NYC Metro, select NE USA areas and even Chicago, Silicon Valley, etc. Why? Top 10 beaches (no condo towers at all on the beach), Atlantic Avenue with its restaurants, shops, galleries, music venues, etc. and the intracoastal lifestyle! No other place in South Florida has it.

And Seagate is a coveted little neighborhood where you an bike with your kids, walk your dog, feel comfortable. The point lot above reflects the majestic waterfront options. And Gulf Stream is the private, tucked away enclave for CEO's and billionaire's who do not want the hustle and bustle of Palm Beach or Miami. I just wished I had more inventory here (down 30% with bidding activity starting). Come visit East Delray ( and Gulf Stream (

Ignite Your Listing!

October 21, 2020

Great Listing...sometimes you need NEWSVALUE and ENERGY! Coming off COVID19 Summer and watching NE USA buyers coming in! Can't wait...let's

Great Listing...sometimes you need NEWSVALUE and ENERGY! Coming off COVID19 Summer and watching NE USA buyers coming in! Can't wait...let's IGNITE THINGS! 

Dropped the price over $150k and then announced it hard! So we released our digiatl and other tactics. THEN we had a new set of Broker Opens set up. Then I TEXTED 700 realtors with this image invite! Bam! we now have a series of showings and a big weekend coming up! (love what I do at ONE Sootheby's!).

Insight: when you list your home...remember "Marketing Energy & NewsValue (including price!) Helps Sell Homes"



New!!! Delray's Seagate Beach Villa

October 21, 2020

Delray is the most demanded area now among HNW buyers coming to Palm Beach County. Inside the ocean to Atlantic Avenue gem is an area coveted by most in-the-know buyers...Seagate! And we just introduced a crown jewel in the little enclave! Take a look: it is footsteps to the ocean, Seagate Beach Club and most of all...Atlantic Avenue. And it is the only Four Bedroom, ready to go villa (even furnished as a option). $3.450m...just reduced to $3.295m. And it is upgraded beyond anything designers normally do. Come see it. Start with this video...

Insight: understand the neighborhood market and the insights behind buyer demand...then create your edge!

Amazing Leadership & Culture At One Sotheby's...Delivers For My Clients!

October 21, 2020

As a Brand guru, I really celebrate the Sotheby's  and Sotheby's International Realty Brands! Stellar, strong and an edge, up there with the best! (I ran Brand Coca-Cola at the Atlanta based headquarters for the world, so I know). But something unbelievable happenned two years ago!! 

ONE Sotheby's and their CEO Mayi De La Vega and her son Daniel acquired our affilate and i became part of ONE! This has been inspiring being part of their team, with an excellence and culture that rivals the company I founded (with partner Robin Austin) Fusion 5. I wake up every day excited by the what is emerging for/with me and us!! I call it "Leading As ONE".

Insight: not all realtors and realty firms are equal! Set your bar highe and seek excellnce! (Start with One!)

SOLD: Could Be Delray's Finest

October 21, 2020

Four years ago, one of my alumni Villanova frat brothers introduced me to his builder friend Graham. He said that his company, "Lost Craft Builders may be the finest residential builder in Delray". So i visited a few of their truly stellar homes. Wow! The Craftmanship...amazing! So imagine the home they would build for he and his wife Kate!!!

Two of my good friends and prior clients (living in The Seagate Beach Villa at 416 Venetian in Delray)...happen to see the builder's home, 1230 Seaspray, on the market. So we went to take a look! Incredible! By the beach. Majestic in design. Every detail was perfect. The feel of it, the indoor/outdoor layout, the pool and cabana, the 1000 bottle wine cellar, 10 car garage, the massage room and gym! On for $8.2m.

So my very successful friend and his wife purchased 1230 Seaspray and every detail in it! (Graham & Kate took onlly personal belongings...everything that made it perfect...stayed!).(and Bob/Susan & Kate/Graham were all quite pleased!)

Explore this rare gem in the video above!

Insight: the finest in design and quality can command a whole new level of purchase price!

Inspiring Oceanfront Estate...

October 21, 2020

Waterfront properties inspire me...from my first home on Fairfield Beach, then Fisher Island, onto building on Palm Island. 

So I see select properties and they continue to inspire me...

Top Oceanfront Villa In Delray Beach/Gulf Stream

October 21, 2020

At One Sotheby's we are pleased to announce the Top Oceanfront Villa in Gulf Stream/Delray!  It is part of the newest residence in the exclusive enclave of Gulf Stream, at 4001 N. Ocean. It is a must see!

Inventory has dropped 30% as High Net Worth buyers covet Gulf Stream and its Top 10 beaches. There are less than 9 properties in TOTAL! And the Villa at 106 is the only one at 4001. And it has the rare SE/South exposure, with a private "outdoor living room" and path to the pool, the water overlooking gym and the ocean. See more at:

Helping Clients, Friends & Villanova!

October 21, 2020

Love what I do...With Passion For Helping My Clients, Sotheby's... & Villanova!

Thank you Villanova! My family and I are honored! (continued theme: "Insights, Innovation & Inspiration")

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