Bio PopUp - Kirsten Braden

Kirsten Braden

Equestrian & Wellington Riding Community

Kirsten is a winning British equestrian competitor-turned-successful CEO of Polo Concierge in Welllington, Fl. Over decades, the horse involved communities in the USA and beyond have turn to her for their needs in coming to and operating in South Florda. This involves healthy environments and options for her cleints and their four legged friends and champions. Kirsten’s evolution as part of Equestrain Sotheby’s came naturally thru client demand and as a complement to her Polo Concierge role.

Role: She has two for 5 Star clients: 1) as a superb expert and curator across the USA in the Northeast and South Florida/Wellington and Europe as well, and 2) as one of Equestrian Sotheby’s Realty’s most savvy real estate associates. This allows her to provide outstanding insights and solutions to 5 Star clients.