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Marcio Jaspan


Marcio is an enigma in the yachting world of South Florda and globally as well: he is both a Master Engineer AND Master Captain, both at the Oceans level. This allow him to have a level of knowledge and expertise at a much deeper level and with the range to extend from the largest, most complex yachts to the small to medium level that are moored across South Florida’s intrcoastal homes and marinas. His certifications, experience, insights and local/global network make him a preferred partner in yachting and boat assets.

Role: To deliver insights about all aspects of South Florida and beyond yachting/boating acquisition, inspection, leasing, management, staffing and home/marina docking options.

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Kirsten Braden

Equestrian & Wellington Riding Community

Kirsten is a winning British equestrian competitor-turned-successful CEO of Polo Concierge in Welllington, Fl. Over decades, the horse involved communities in the USA and beyond have turn to her for their needs in coming to and operating in South Florda. This involves healthy environments and options for her cleints and their four legged friends and champions. Kirsten’s evolution as part of Equestrain Sotheby’s came naturally thru client demand and as a complement to her Polo Concierge role.

Role: She has two for 5 Star clients: 1) as a superb expert and curator across the USA in the Northeast and South Florida/Wellington and Europe as well, and 2) as one of Equestrian Sotheby’s Realty’s most savvy real estate associates. This allows her to provide outstanding insights and solutions to 5 Star clients.

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Cathy Meyer

Education & Family Related Insights

Cathy is a long time Florida resident, a mother and researcher/solution provider. This allows her to play a unique role at 5 Star: Cathy is one of our Directors of Lifestyle Insights. Aka, she is: 1) our education expert for South Florida and the private, religous, public, university and other options, 2) a healthcare/hospitial expert who teams with Dr. Vito Proscia to provide family wellness inputs, and 3) our All Other lifestyle expert, ranging from triathlons and personal hobbies to immediate research challenges. For Education she uses syndicated rankings/reviews in tandem with her knowledge.

Role: To deliver valuable Education, Healthcare and Other lifestyle insights for 5 Star clients.

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Peter Obre

Private Aviation in South Florida

Peter brings a private aviation expertise to 5 Star clients. His background extends from Private Wealth Management (Morgan Stanley) combined with private aviation (Airx). He and his Team at Airx, located in South Florida, provide immediate, short term, leasing, maintenance, staffing, acquisition, and their own global coverage/facilities/aircraft. His leadership role includes private aviation for high profile familes, celebrities, global touring entertainment groups, etc.

Role: To provide Private Aviation insights and inputs as related to South Florida lifestyle choices; also to assist with strategic asset options.

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Dr. Vito Proscia

Medical & Healthcare in South Florida

Dr. Prosica is one of the leading Doctors and Gastroenterologist in South Florida. His expertise extends from Cornell, University of Chicago and Universty of Miami. He has been a practicing physician for three decades across Miami/Dade and Palm Beach/Broward counties. He has been recognized by his peers for his contribution to the medical community and his patients. He is also one of the most tech forward doctors and is involved with next generation applications. Dr. Proscia is a close personal friend and private health advisor for us.

Role: Medicine, healthcare and related topics. He works in tandem with Cathy Meyer, one of our insight directors, in on behalf of our 5 Star clients and our vision-to insight-action approaach.

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Estate Art

Robin Austin

Estate Art

Robin is a 3.0 artist and advisor, where he combines creativity and expression with new formats.
The result is usually Wow! additions to an estate, home or yacht.


Role: to provide input on added art elements that deliver a Wow! in home or on a yacht.

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Estate Ins.

Andy DiBenedetto

Estate & Lifestyle Insurance

Andy is a long time Villanova friend and one of the leaders in ultra-high net worth asset protection and re-insurance. His company works USA and global with NYC Metro/Northeast and Florida as his foundational compoents to his long established business. They have also evolved with new approaches and technologies to be a smart choice for 5 Star friends and clients.

Role: Ultra High Value Asset Protection/Insurance

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